Savannah Nuwagaba from Uganda completed the AIMS Diploma in June 2011. She obtained her Master’s degree in Biomathematics at the Stellenbosch University and is currently pursuing her PhD at Stellenbosch. Her desire to join AIMS was triggered by the research opportunities which are opened up for AIMS students.

“When I was offered the bursary and started my studies there, all my expectations were met - and more. The learning environment where students interact with their lecturers, who are so committed to sharing their knowledge, is one of those experiences that made me dream of going back home to share the knowledge I have acquired, in a similar manner.“

She describes AIMS as, “The tower on which one can stand to see the beauty and potential in Africa”. She believes that the establishment of similar institutes will greatly impact the development of science in Africa. As she continues to pursue her career, she hopes that more women engage in science for the betterment of “our motherland, AFRICA.”