Morenikeji Deborah Akinlotan

Morenikeji Deborah Akinlotan, from Nigeria, completed the AIMS PGD in June 2012. She was also awarded the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Scholarship. She is currently pursuing her Master's degree inBiomathematics at Stellenbosch University. AIMS gave me an almost entire paradigm shift as to what science actually is. I felt making good grades was it, until I started learning how to actually think and write like a scientist (mathematician), startingwith the Mathematical Problem Solving course. I was exposed to a lot of scientific knowledge such as writing scientific materials with LaTeX and scientific-programming languages, which I ordinarily might not have even in 10 years to come if I had remained in my country. I always thought that it was only the male folks that can thrive with computational mathematics, but I have now become a contradiction to that theory. In addition, I made a good network of renowned academics and scholars for long-term academic purposes. Also, learning under several international and highly devoted academics, tutors and other brilliant students from several African countries added great spice to the programme. This has greatly sharpened my image of what a real academic should be. I can’t help but spread the gospel of AIMS to my lecturers and junior colleagues. I keep telling them, as a colleague once said, that an admission to AIMS is a farewell to years of ignorance. The current expansion of AIMS is another great achievement that gladdens my heart, as more of my country-men are now enrolled for the programme. It is a rare privilege that AIMS is giving us African students,especially females who are often seen as a minority. I honestly believe, beyond any reasonable doubt, that AIMS can someday produce the next Einstein.