Lydienne Matchie

Lydienne Matchie from Cameroon achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Pure Mathematics at the University of Yaounde and was selected for the AIMS program in 2008/2009.

She first heard about AIMS through her elder brother, Talla Fabrice, who is also a former AIMS student (2005/2006). “After my Bachelor’s Degree, I wanted to continue in Applied Mathematics, but it was not possible back home since we did not have Applied Mathematics in our universities. I could also not think of leaving the country because of lack of finance. So when I was selected for the AIMS programme it was a dream come true for me. AIMS has been a wonderful opportunity for me.”

“From a social point of view, AIMS is just what Africa needs. A place where young African’s can meet and think about African problems using one common language (mathematical sciences.) I got to learn a lot about African culture. I also built strong relationships with students from other parts of the continent and until today we still help each other. Financially, AIMS gave me the opportunity to follow my postgraduate studies which I would not have been able to do due to lack of finance.”

Lydienne complete her Master's at AIMS while registered at Stellenbosch University. She graduated with distinction and is currently pursuing her PhD in Financial Mathematics in Freiburg University, Germany (under DAAD scholarship).“After my studies I am planning to go back to Africa, to share the knowledge I have acquired so far as for me this is one of the wonderful way of helping to build the continent.”