Kondwani John Kampenya

Kondwani John Kampenya, from Malawi, graduated from AIMS in 2012. He holds an MSc in Statistics with particular application to financial markets from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His overall interest is in applications of Mathematics and Statistics in finance and knowledge-based enterprise. Kondwani is currently working with Infinite Potentials Consulting, an international consulting firm that partners with African companies and organisations to develop Africa through profitable business and enterprise. Kondwani is working on various projects, including supporting the growth of businesses across Africa as well contributing to the launching of the Next Einstein Forum. He also works in business development, venture capital liaison and strategy development for African companies looking to expand. His aim in life is to be a role model for many young Africans, hence proving that Africans can perform brilliantly on the global stage by achieving professional excellence and financial success.