Funmilayo Eniola Kazeem from Nigeria was born into a family of four children, where she is the eldest. During her years of schooling in Nigeria she dreamt of leaving her country to see what the world out there really looked like. "I learnt of AIMS from my lecturer (Dr (Mrs) Olubunmi Fadipe-Joseph) after I had finished my university education. She told me she had been to AIMS and she really liked the way in which they do things there and of course, everything was free. She encouraged me to apply and I did. Life at AIMS was exciting for me because I never knew what to expect from the many courses we did. I was still a beginner in computing so the classes were fun for me. AIMS gave me the opportunity to g oabroad for the first time and to meet new people including some important people we only watch on TV. The whole experience was quite challenging and exciting at the same time as I always had to think and speak smartly." She is currently enrolled at the University of the Western Cape for a Master’s in Computational Finance and would like to pursue her PhD afterwards.

"What AIMS is doing is an amazing thing, clever students from disadvantaged backgrounds are helped to reach their dreams and give back to their families in one way or the other. I never really quite knew the extent to which AIMS has reached until I saw the AIMS alumni that were present at the recently concluded Global Alumni Reunion. I would therefore like to encourage all alumni to help someone out there to reach his/her dream in the spirit of AIMS and to let everyone out there know what AIMS is doing and also help raise funds for future AIMS students.”