Dr Emmanuel Osalusi

Originally from Nigeria, Dr Osalusi was one of the pioneer students for the AIMS programme in 2003/2004. After graduating in 2004, he acquired a PhD in Petroleum Engineering, specialising in Marine Renewable Energy, and is now registered as a Chartered Scientist and Chartered Marine Scientist with the United Kingdom Science Council. Before he left Nigeria in 2003, his interest lay in doing research in alternative sources of energy. Nigeria is one of the world’s top producing oil nations and this industry is viewed by many as the country’s lifeblood. It was the dominance of – many would say dependence on – oil which first sparked his interest in alternative sources of energy – renewable energy. “Around 80% of Nigeria’s budget comes from oil. But when I was living and studying there, not only were wells drying up but lives were also being lost due to spillage, fires and civil unrest. I began asking myself ‘What happens when the wells dry up?’ and started to nurse an interest in specialising in alternative energy sources which have a constant source of supply.”

“Coincidentally, AIMS gave me the opportunity for the first foundation training in Mathematical Modelling, methods of solving complex engineering problems embedded in higher order differential equations, which is key in making any meaningful impact in engineering science. Not only that, AIMS sponsored me further for my Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics (Fluid Mechanics) at the University of Limpopo, South Africa, and provided every support I needed even when I was in ICTP (Italy) and during my PhD studies in Petroleum Engineering in the United Kingdom. The excellent facilities at AIMS and the unparalleled quality of training with the seasoned teachers (not lecturers!), which is comparable with any other reputable research institution in the world, propelled me to be what I am today. AIMS, I am grateful!”