Daphney Thifhelimbilu Singo

Daphney SingoDaphney Singo was born on the 3rd of February 1983 in Thoyandou, South Africa. After completing the Advanced Mathematical Sciences Programme (AMSP) and the Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematical Sciences at AIMS in 2006, she went on to study towards a Master of Science in Experimental Nuclear Physics at the University of Cape Town. She was awarded a a Mandela Rhodes Scholarship. Although Daphney had originally planned to continue studying mathematics,  her time at AIMS  allowed her to realise her passion for nuclear physics.

Dahne has completed her PhD degree in Nuclear Physcis with University of Stellenbosch and graduated in March 2012. She is currently working as a Postdoctoral researcher at iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences (LABS) under the Professional Development Program (PDP) funded by DST managed by NRF. She started working there in April 2013 and this year is currently in her third year as a postdoctoral researcher. iThemba LABS recently bought a new state of the art segmented High Purity Germanium (HPGe) clover gamma-ray detector. Due to its segmentation, the detector can be used to provides the energy of the gamma-ray and also in a gamma-ray tracking mode. Daphney's current research aims at developing gamma-ray tracking method for this detector. This method determines the individual position of each gamma-ray energy deposition in the segmented HPGe crystal.  The gamma-ray tracking technique is a very new technique that can substantially boost the performance of the detector by suppressing the Compton scattering, and improving the peak-to-total ratio correcting for Doppler broadening. This new capability will bring nuclear structure studies at iThemba LAbs up to a new level.

"I am determined to acquire all the necessary skills required to lift this great nation to greater heights; and to make it my responsibility to see that other women are motivated to acquire scientific knowledge and skills.”