Dr Angelina Lutambi

Angelina Mageni LutambiAngelina Lutambi grew up in a family with 9 children in rural Tanzania. Her parents were small-scale farmers with little formal education but they encouraged her to go to school, where she clearly had great aptitude for mathematics. Angelina had to finance her own schooling, and that of her siblings by selling cooldrinks. Her hard work paid off when she was awarded a grant to study at Dar Es Salaam University.  She graduated from AIMS in June 2004 and then completed a Masters at Stellenbosch University investigating the properties of models of the spread of HIV/AIDS. She returned to Tanzania in 2007, and now works as a research scientist for the Ifakara Health Institute in Tanzania. Her research focuses on developing and using mathematical models, statistical, and computational methods to understand and address public health challenges. In 2013, Angelina received her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Basel, Switzerland.