About AIMS


The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) is a pan-African network of centres of excellence for postgraduate education, research and outreach in mathematical sciences.

AIMS South Africa is a centre for education and research in Cape Town, South Africa.  AIMS South Africa was established in 2003 as a partnership project of the following 6 universities: Cambridge, Cape Town, Oxford, Paris Sud XI, Stellenbosch, and Western Cape. AIMS centres operate in Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania. and Rwanda. The goals of AIMS are

  • To promote mathematics and science in Africa
  • To recruit and train talented students and teachers
  • To build capacity for African initiatives in education, research, and technology


  • Science and technology are powerful forces for progress in global society and the global economy. For Africa to benefit fully from these forces it must build a strong indigenous capacity in both.
  • Mathematics underpins most of modern life - information and communication technology, genetics, medicine, finance, demographics and planning. Without mathematical training Africans will be unable to access the full power of new technologies to solve their countries' problems.
  • Through its graduate programme and public outreach activities, AIMS influences choices at school and university level, drawing bright young Africans into mathematical and scientific careers.
  • Africa's greatest resource is its people. There can be no more effective investment in Africa's future than in education which empowers talented young people to contribute to their countries' development.

The Institute


AIMS South Africa is located in Muizenberg, a small seaside suburb of Cape Town and an area of outstanding natural beauty. The site is a half hour drive away from the three local Universities, the centre of Cape Town and the Cape Town international airport. Please see the directions to AIMS South Africa if you will be travelling here with your own vehicle.

The main AIMS South Africa building is a self-contained residential centre with excellent computer, library and lecturing facilities. Lecturers and students live and dine in the main building, allowing for maximum contact time in an informal and collegiate setting. The AIMS South Africa Research Centre is housed in 2 buildings accross the road from the main building. These were acquired and renovated by AIMS South Africa in 2007. Tutors and visiting researchers are accommodated in two buildings located a short walk away from the Institute.

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