The AIMS South Africa Public Lecture Series presents a talk

‘Plants for human health: venturing into traditions of old with a biotechnological toolkit’

By Prof. NP Makunga, Dept of Botany and Zoology, University of Stellenbosch

Abstract:In South Africa, traditional medicines provide a health system that is relevant for a large percentage of the population. Exploitation of medicinal plants is thus also important as it serves to generate an income for those that collect and trade plants for various plant-based pharmaceutical industries. As a hyper-diverse floral region, various practices for the utilisation of medicinal plants has thus led to a wide range of ethnic pharmacopeias that are uniquely South African in their character. Potential contribu-tions of both indigenous knowledge and the botanicals is said to provide incentives that will contribute to the bioeconomy of South Africa.

Date: Tuesday 7 March 2017
Time: 18:45 for 19:00
Cost: Free
Venue: African Institute for Mathematical Sciences 6 Melrose Road, Muizenberg

Prof. NP Makunga_7 March 2017