AIMS to host National Science Week 2015 

AIMS South Africa will be hosting the National Science Week (NSW) event from 3 to 8 August 2015. National Science Week (NSW), an initiative of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), is a country-wide celebration of science involving various stakeholders and/or role players conducting science-based activities during the week. National Science Week is run in all nine provinces simultaneously at multiple sites per province. The aim of the Week is to showcase local innovations in science and technology, make these areas of study appealing to learners, so that they consider Science, Engineering and Technology as a preferable career option, and, to make science popular to the broader South African Society. The theme of NSW 2015 is the International Year of Light (and Light-Based Technologies).

The event is planned to reach learners, educators and the public within the township and urban areas around Overberg, Cape Winelands District Municipality as well as the City of Cape Town Metropolitan Municipality. The programme will consist of scientific experimentation and expos, public lectures series, mathematics and science shows, educators workshops, Ask Dr math session, career guidance and role modelling. The Public Lecture Series will features recent research on Galaxy Formation, the Role of Science in Water & Sanitation within the Municipal Environment, The math behind…OIL PRODUCTION; PROACTIVE MEDICINES; ESKOM LOAD SHEDDING; EBOLA; SPIDERMAN, TOYSTORY, FINDING NEMO, THE LORDS OF THE RING etc., SPACE EXPLORATION, CLIMATE CHANGE. from AIMS, local universities and science centres.

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